Wedding Registry!

Getting hitched? Looking for a registry idea that's a little more exciting than oven mitts and toasters? We've got you covered!

Our team of experts can help create a custom registry especially for you using our Cornervine system. You'll be able to create a list of wines, spirits and/or beers for your guests to choose from, and send them a link to your custom registry. They can then pick and choose what they'd like to purchase, and we will store it for you until you're ready to pick it up!

This is a perfect way to start off your cellar, build your back bar or stock up your collection of craft beer. We can even add barware or glassware! 

For more information or to book a consultation, please send us a note at or drop by either location to chat with one of our team. 

Why Wine Makes the Perfect Wedding Registry


These days many couples are opting to get married at a later stage in life, once they’ve established themselves in their careers and probably lived for a few years together in a little love nest where they have already accumulated all the major necessities of life.  All the Le Creuset you need to make the perfect Coq au Vin a la Julia Child, the four slice toaster for all your major toasting party needs, and the Vitamix that you so desperately wanted already adorn the shelves of your pantry.

Most couples getting married these days probably don’t really want or need more things to add to their already cluttered kitchen drawers.  Yet sometimes a card and a cheque, or contributing to the honeymoon budget can feel like it has lost some of the sentimental value of more traditional wedding gifts. Instead of going with the same old registry, why not let your guests give you the best gift of all...the gift of wine!

Not only is wine an everyday necessity (in our biased opinion), a beautifully selected bottle of wine can be a huge part of every special occasion or milestone in your life, or the main event itself.  Wine can sometimes be a necessity in marriage, and is often the guest of honour throughout all the ups and downs of life. Wine can transport you to a villa in Tuscany, a cafe in Paris, or the night they popped the question.  Even after a long dinner with the in-laws, or the middle of January after one of the pipes bursts and the bill is more than you make in a month. We promise you, you’re going to need that luscious bottle of Pinot more than you will another casserole dish.  

If this sounds intriguing, let our team of experts help to build you the perfect wedding registry. We can help select wines for your registry that fit your taste profile and personal wine habits - if you’d like to have wines you can cellar and enjoy at special occasions, we can do that, or if you’d prefer just to build up a stock of everyday drinkers, we can do that too! We could even pick bottles for the registry specifically chosen to age for your 1st, 5th, 10th anniversaries and beyond! We’ll build your stash at one of our locations and you can come pick it up after the big day - we make it easy! If you’d like to chat more or book a consultation drop us a line below!

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