Wine Time: 2014 Mio de M.O Tempranillo


The fourth most planted grape variety in the world of wine, Tempranillo, has been grown since the 1st century BC.  In Spain specifically, it has been well documented that Tempranillo has been used in winemaking since around 800 BC.  The vines there have survived not only the phylloxera epidemic of the 19th century but also yearly bouts of extreme cold and brutally hot summers, with some vines even reaching the age of over 150 years old.  The harsh conditions in Spain mean that only the most bullheaded of varietals, such as Tempranillo, would dare to thrive there. While Rioja may be the most famous region for Tempranillo, we'd like to introduce you to another area killing it with Tempranillo - Toro. 

The Spanish love to use multiple names for the same grape variety, and in the region of Toro the Tempranillo grape is known as "Tinto de Toro".  The hottest and most continental of Spain's wine regions, Toro is located in north west Spain and is known for making powerful examples of Tempranillo. Due to their relative obscurity the wines from Toro tend to be excellent value, and if you are someone who loves a big juicy new world wine or letting loose with a handsome stranger this might be just the region for you.

If you'd like to give Toro a try, we suggest checking out the 2014 Mio de M.O.  Aged for 14 months in French oak, the grape’s big personality explodes on the palate.  Silky, dark, and rich this bottle oozes juicy red fruit, cedar, tobacco smoke, vanilla mochaccino and cherry preserves. 100% Tinta de Toro, this smooth, brooding Spanish wine is the perfect pairing for a hot date or Neflix & chill.

Available now at both locations. $23 + tax.