Vine Arts Autumn Tasting Schedule 2019


Ok, ok, so we’re a little behind on our scheduling this year, but do not fear! We have some amazing tastings on the docket this season and cannot wait to share some of our favourite wines and spirits with you! Sad as we are to say goodbye to summer, there is no better time to try exceptional sips than in the fall and winter season! Check out our fall tasting schedule below...and keep checking in because we just might add a few more! 

An Evening of Whisky with Vallinch & Mallet - Tuesday September 24th 6pm $60

We are very excited to have Davide Romano, one of the founders of Valinch & Mallet, leading us through an amazing line-up of single cask Scotch whisky from their collections. David and his business partner Fabio Ermoli founded Valinch & Mallet with the goal of showcasing unique, beautiful whiskies each carefully chosen from single casks and bottled under their label. Davide will showcase some of their current favourite whiskies, each with extremely limited production and bottled to showcase purity and individuality.

Farmer Fizz - Thursday October 3rd 6pm $55

Join us for a tasting of fantastic farmer fizz! The lineup will include bottles from some of the best small wineries in Champagne today. Grower Champagne is made by small producers that work their own vines and produce far fewer bottles than the big houses. They are the true artisanal side of this unique wine region. Led by our own bubblehound Andrew MacLeod, it will be a tasting not to miss. 

Sizzling Sicily - Saturday October 26th 6pm $55

Sicily has more vineyards than any other region in Italy, and yet it has only recently attracted the spotlight. Join us for this tasting as we get to know Bella Sicilia. From the rolling vineyards of Menfi to the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, you'll discover what separates Frappato from Nerello Mascalese. Having made his own pilgrimage to Sicily this last summer, Andrew will be pouring some delicious wines from his favorite Sicilian wineries. Bellissimo!

Keys to the Cellar - Thursday October 31st 6pm $100

This tasting has been a staple of our own Jesse Willis for years, and much like the wines included it only gets better with age! In a world driven by instant gratification, it's an amazing thing to take the time to taste wines that have been laid down and cellared with both love and patience. In this tasting we'll explore a line-up of wines that are a minimum of 10 years old, with some much older! It's always a treat to explore aged wines, and we're excited to take a trip down memory lane once again.

Around the World in Whisk(e)y - Thursday November 14th $65

Join us for a tour around the globe as we explore the wonderful world of whisk(e)y! From centuries old distilleries to energetic young start ups, from Scotland and Canada to Japan and India, we'll explore the world of whiskey in all its glory. 

Sub-Alpine Italy - Saturday November 16th 6pm $50

Join us for a tasting of the many delicious wines from Italy's mountainous north. Famous regions like Piedmont, and Veneto find their homes butted up the mighty Alps. Additionally, more obscure regions, like Valle d'Aosta and Trentino, are nestled between their more famous sisters. We'll be talking about the diversity of grape varieties, the influence of surrounding nations, and how simply delicious Alpine wines can be.

The Best of the Pacific North West - Thursday November 21st 6pm $60

When we think of the Pacific North West we usually think of Birkenstocks, hoppy beer, and perhaps wetsuit surfing. The North West, however, is also an excellent source of delicious wine in many styles. From lush Oregon Pinot Noir to bold Cabernet from Washington's Columbia Valley to B.C's delightful myriad of grapes, there is a wine for everyone not so far from home. Join us to sample some of the best from the west.