Yetti & the Kokonut


Yetti & the Kokonut

When a few local wine geeks were on a tour for wine professionals in Australia they stopped in and had a speed tasting at Yetti & the Kokonut. Given 7 minutes to try all the wines and speak to the proprietors, there were a couple wines that truly stood out. Luck for us, Calgary wine guru, Matt Leslie, made sure these babies made it to Alberta. You can find Yetti & the Kokonut’s wines exclusively on Matt’s wine list at Pigeon Hole and on the shelves here at Vine Arts! Hurrah! 

Yetti and the Kokonut is not only the charmingly fun title of Dave Geyer and Koen Janssens’ South Australian wine project, but their personal nicknames as well. The Yetti, Dave, manages the vineyards, while Koen, the Kokonut, manages the sales. Ever assured that interesting, intriguing wine is created in the vineyard, Dave & Koen are constantly aware of what is happening in the vineyards whether they are farming vineyards themselves or buying the fruit. Decisions about vineyard management and sustainable viticulture are at the forefront, always. 

Fruit Basket Block - Springton, Eden Valley $38

This one of a kind wine is composed of a field blend of at least 13 different varieties that all planted together in the same vineyard. The grapes are picked together then co-fermented in an open tank. The wine is aged for 6 month in tank and bottled just as is. The 13 grape varieties are a mixed bag of grapes we know and love and some we’ve never even heard of! The wine contains four different Muscats, Sultana, Grenache, Mataro, Riesling, Verdelho, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Crusheon, and Viognier. Whoa!

The name of this wine is no joke, it certainly is a basket of fruits. It is full of the muscat-y floral, fruit flavours that are totally lively and zesty, which are balanced by a savoury, textural finish. This wine screams summer. Get your paws on it while you still can. 

Mt Savignin - McLaren Flat Vineyard $39.95

Savignin is a grape variety we usually expect to find from the Jura region in France. However, it was planted in Australia for years, incorrectly identified as Albarino. Since then, playful renditions of wines from this grape have been sneaking their way into our market. The Savagin used in this wine is sourced from the organically certified McLaren Flat Vineyard. It is picked in early February (remember, this is a Southern hemisphere wine). It is 100% destemmed and then fermented in large oak vats. It spends 6 months on the lees and is then bottled and shipped to us!  

While this wine certainly demonstrates some of the hallmark savoury notes we expect from a Jura savagnin, it is certainly a wine in its own category. With tonnes of yellow appley notes and a distinct saltiness, this wine is a perfect food wine! Enjoy!