Simply Legentary Bourbon


Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon $61.75

Fred Noe, seventh generation Jim Beam master distiller, & Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory’s fifth chief distiller got together to create a Bourbon that is the perfect blend of Noe’s ancestral expertise from grain to barrel and Shinji Fukuyo’s meticulous blending techniques.

Bourbon is not routinely blended, though blending is permitted and there are exceptions (including Noe’s son’s Little Book project); the blending of Bourbon is often considered taboo. Purity of source in Bourbon production has long been at the helm of Bourbon’s identity. Blending, however, is a hallmark of Japanese whisky making and is what gives Japanese whisky its complexity and elegance.

Legent, composed of 76% Corn, rye 12%, and malted barley 10%, Jim Beams standard mash bill, is aged 4 years in newly charred white oak barrels. Part of this Kentucky Bourbon is finished in red wine casks and the second part is finished in sherry casks. The different finishes are then blended by Fukuyo to create a Bourbon with a uniquely American and Japanese identity. 

How does this compare to your favourite Bourbon or Japanese whisky? Well, it is essentially a culmination of both delicious styles of whisk(e)y. It has all the nuance and thoughtful precision of Fukuyo’s whiskies, but the boldness we love in Bourbon. With the hot Kentucky climate, Bourbon ages more quickly and is more powerfully flavoured than those whiskies aged in Japan. Flavour wise, think of all the rich spice and density inherent to classic Kentucky Bourbon, influenced with red fruit from the component of whisky aged in red wine casks and scotch-like nuttiness from the sherry cask finished portion. A worthy Stampede tipple to be sure.