The Return of Heavy Petting


This past February we were lucky enough to get our paws on Tim Wildman’s two deliciously vibrant Petillant Naturel wines, Astro Bunny and Heavy Petting. They sold out within weeks and no wonder: these tasty treats are remarkably refreshing and chock full of whimsy. Sadly, the Astro Bunny will not be making a reappearance this year, but we are happy to share our good fortune in the fact that Heavy Petting is back on our shelves! 

Tim Wildman is a British Master of Wine who makes wine in Australia among many other wine-related pursuits: he organizes tours highlighting Australian producers for wine professionals and is the creator of, an educational resource for students of the Master of Wine program. Essentially, Wildman has dipped a toe in every segment of the wine industry and had succeeded at doing so! 

His wines are fun! As a Master of Wine who went on to make wine, one might expect his wines to be stuffy or pretentious; not so! His wines are clean, fresh styles of pet-nat (Petillant Naturel) that are produced in the most sustainable of fashions and then left unfined, unfiltered, and with zero dosage.

The Heavy Petting Pet-Nat, from Riverland in Australia, is 99% Nero d’Avola and 1% Zibibbo. Both Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo (the Sicilian vernacular for Muscat) are most commonly associated with Sicily where you can find varied styles of wine coming from both grape varieties, however these grapes have also been adopted by many new world wines makers, especially those in Australia. Wildman uses 25% whole bunch fermentation. After pressing the wine is fermented to 12 g/l residual sugar. The wine is then fermented to dry in bottle allowing for the capture of CO2, making it fizzy. This Nero d’Avola based wine is nothing like those you find on the island of Sicily. It is pomegranate coloured with bright purple foam and tastes of blackberries off the bush and raspberry twizzler. With a fuzzy texture from the combo of fizz and tannins, this wine asks your taste buds to listen up and live a little. This wine is “zest for life” in a bottle; seize the day and grab a bottle, or maybe two...who knows how long it will be around!

You can only find Wildman’s Heavy Petting at Vine Arts and Metrovino and on the wine list at Pigeon Hole. We are SO excited to have this frothy fuchsia quencher back in stock!