The Establishment Brewing Company


Long time beer fans, home brewers, BJCP certified beer judges, and most importantly, friends, the folks at Establishment Brewing are doing big things in the Calgary craft beer scene! With 5 beer awards already under their belts, Establishment is killing it with their wide portfolio of craft beers.

The folks at Establishment say that they “don’t like to discriminate against beer styles,” and prefer to offer a wide range of styles, experiments, and small batch one-offs which you can find on the “Brewers Tap” in their taproom. Currently on our shelves you have a good chance of finding quite a wide selection of Establishment’s core line up, because, as they say, we’ve totally drunk the kool-aid. Pop in this August and take a look for in our beer fridge for a delicious rotating selection of these lovely beers: 

  • The delightfully fresh, Kolsch-style, My Best Friend’s Girl

  • The lightly hoppy, summer ale, Motion Picture

  • The fruity, vivacious pink guava kettle sour, Super Fusion

  • The hazy, bready New England Pale Ale, Afternoon Delight

  • The silky, hoppy New England IPA, Sky Rocket II

  • The full bodied, resinous West Coast IPA, Straight Razor

While their core line up is incredibly well-made and intriguing, what really lights the creative fire for the brewers at Establishment is their barrel-aging program. Barrels aren’t only used for ageing wine, rather, barrels are also traditional aging vessels for a variety of beer styles. Establishment finds them especially useful for making next-level sour beers. The porous nature of wood allows yeasts and desirable bacterium to flourish, allowing for unique complexity to develop over the beer’s time spent in barrel. In Establishment’s tap room a wall of barrels is housed, each of which contains a wild or sour beer undergoing process of aging. The beers are aged anywhere from a few months to several years. Once the desired flavour has developed, specific barrels are blended, and sometimes re-fermented with fruit, herbs, or spices depending on the style of the individual batch. These extremely unique, small batch beers are then sold as limited releases. 

Establishment’s next barrel-aged curiosity will hit shelves near the end of August, or if you’re really lucky, you might be able to get your hands on one of the very few remaining bottles of their Passionfruit Brett Saison that we have hiding on our shelves. Don’t hold your breath though - these tasty concoctions have been flying off our shelves!