O.T. Brewing "Sooooo Pitted" DIPA

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It is no secret that we love O.T. Brewing. Nice people plus great beer is a combination we really can’t resist. Sooooo, when their latest release came out, we knew we’d be cracking more than one or two cans of it. “Sooooo Pitted” is a double IPA recipe created by local homebrewer Matt Sander who shared his recipe with O.T. Brewing at headbrewer, Blake Enemark’s, insistence, so it could be shared with the masses. “Sooooo Pitted” utilizes honey in its recipe and we’re super excited that O.T. chose to use Two Pine Farms Honey, owned by former Vine Arts-er and all around great guy, Mike Crape. With Azacca, Simcoe, and Citra hops, this is O.T. brewings first double IPA (a development we hope is here to stay). The balanced hops, sumptuous addition of honey, and British malts combine to make a refreshingly luxurious experience. Drink it up!!