Fresh Tastings, Just In Time for Spring!

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It is FINALLY spring and what better way to celebrate than with a sip of something nice. We all deserve a toast for making it through winter and we’ve added some fun spring tastings just in time!

Whether you are still ready to dig into some rich reds, or want to add a little sparkle to your spring, we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest line up below!

The wines of Craven - Sunday April 28th at 2pm

Join our host, Erik Mercier from Juice Imports, to taste through a line-up of fantastic wines from one of South Africa's rising starts, Mick Craven. The line-up will include a selection of the new Craven releases including Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and more. Tickets are sure to sell fast, and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than sampling some delicious juice from the other side of the world???

Super-Cab-ifragilisticexpialidocious! - Thursday May 9th at 6pm

Join us for an all Cabernet Sauvignon throw-down. It'll be a round' the world affair, with a lineup representing Cab's global dominance. From classic Napa Valley and Bordeaux, to areas off the beaten path, we'll see why Cabernet Sauvignon is still one of the premier grapes in the wine world.

Master Blending: Multi-Vintage Champagne - Saturday May 11th at 6pm

The multi-vintage blend (better known as non-vintage) is the face of Champagne. It is the wine that will defines the "house style" of a Champagne producer. Winemakers have to work the hardest to craft their multi-vintage blend. In this tasting our own bubblehound, Andrew, will take us through a range of multi-vintage Champagne's, and discuss what separates them from each other.

California’s Rising Stars - Saturday June 8th at 6pm

While California may be best known for it's long established wineries from famed regions like the Napa Valley, there is a new generation of young winemakers and rogue vintners from lesser known appellations and smaller wineries making a huge splash! Join us as we explore the wines of some of our favourite rising stars and showcase the new wave that is helping to re-define the wines of California!

Wine & Cheese - Tour de France with Peasant Cheese - Thursday June 13th at 6pm

We are teaming up with our friends at Peasant Cheese to bring you a tour of regional French cheeses paired with their wine counterparts! The tasting will include a selection of 6 cheeses from around France, along with 6 outstanding wines in a variety of styles from those same regions. This is going to be an excellent and delicious evening of wine and cheese you won't want to miss!