Local Feature: Lekker Cider

By Brendan Kearns of Lekker Cider

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Isn’t it great when nice people are doing something cool?

Calgary’s newest cidery, Lekker Cider, headed up by husband and wife team , Elizabeth & Brendan, is making clean, fresh styles of cider using Pacific Northwest apples and a variety of yeasts to achieve unique, yet subtle, flavour profiles. Since they’re such lovely people making equally as lovely cider, we asked them to tell us a little about themselves. Here is their story!

LEKKER; Word Origin: Afrikaans, meaning tasty and delicious. Popular slogan promoting culture, libations and good times. Local is lekker.

Lekker cider is a Calgary, AB based craft cidery which launched in August 2018 with a commitment to creating craft ciders from fresh pressed apples in unique ways. We are a local husband and wife owned and operated business that began with the intention of introducing the market to a range of ciders which borrow from tradition, but are not restricted from utilizing new world experimentation. Our name is derived from South African culture where Elizabeth's family heritage runs deep, and where Brendan's love for zaf surfing, food, and drinks fits perfectly with the idea of living a "Lekker lifestyle". 

We use several different beer yeasts, some South African white wine yeasts, hops, and other less common approaches to cider making with the goal of providing consumers ciders that go beyond the apple. We do this while providing a commitment to making real cider; that is, our cider is never from concentrate and our fruit is sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Being both American and Canadian, we are proud to support both agricultural industries and cider communities in these countries that our families call home. 

In February 2019 we launched The Pippin's Bru, a first in our single varietal Unearth Heirloom series. This is a series which will focus on heritage apples, barrel aging, and eventually some spontaneously fermented approaches which allow single varietals to show what they can produce without the support of other apple varieties (most of our ciders contain up to seven varieties to provide the right balance of sugar, acid and structure). 

We look forward to opening a Calgary based tap room in the near future where we will be able to produce up to 14 different rotating ciders at a time to please all types of cider drinkers (and craft beer lovers!). We currently borrow some space off of a local brewery where we ferment and blend in our own tanks, however you can find us in several Alberta restaurants and stores, including one of our favorites; Vine Arts!