SOMM-thing to Sip On: The Two Penny edition

by Andrea Robinson of Two Penny


In this feature, we let a local sommelier or wine director pick a favourite pairing off their list and tell us why it's awesome. This month Andrea Robinson of Two Penny will be leading the charge!

People have their own ways to cope with the polar vortex we have been facing in Calgary.  Personally, my favorite thing is to pretend it’s summer by eating and drinking like it is.

Even on the coldest days, you will find me tucking into some Chardonnay and popcorn, Riesling and sushi or Margaritas and tacos; all while transporting my mind to lounging on a lush summer patio or laying on the beach.

My current indulgence of choice while in my fanciful tropical wonderland is the Meinklang Burgenlandweib Trocken White Blend with Two Penny’s Sweet & Sour Arctic Char.

The combination of the two dance on your palate making it hard to put down your glass (which is totally okay as this wine is only 11% alcohol), so twist and pour to your delight!

Meinklang is a funky vineyard out of Austria making clean, unapologetic, biodynamic wines that don’t require deep technical analysis of their tertiary aromas (because sometimes I just want to enjoy delicious wine, you know?). The Arctic Char is pan seared and served with a slightly bitter grilled gai choy, balanced perfectly with soy caramel and vinegary lemon grass sauces. This is the beauty of Calgary; you can combine the beaches of Sanya in Hainan Province China and the quaint farms of Burgenland, Austria and viola - a dope pairing!

You can enjoy this wine by the glass or bottle at Two Penny (with the Sweet & Sour Arctic Char, of course) or pick up a bottle at Vine Arts, get Two Penny takeout and put on some Sister Nancy to transport yourself to tropical paradise. Bam bam dilla, bam bam!