New Restaurant: Nights & Weekends

Nights & Weekends, the concept dreamed up when Aaron Ellard was approached by the folks at Meat & Bread to fill their space in the unused evenings and weekends, is a permanent pop up that operates, you guessed it, on nights and weekends. They are open 5pm-12am Thursday through Sunday at 821 1st Street SW.

The current menu (Head Chef Nick Berenyi plans on changing the concept every few months) is fresh, creative cuisine with a decidedly Asian leaning. With items like Wagyu beef tartare with shaved shiitake mushrooms and baby beets with shishito and cashew, the menu is both approachable and innovative. The plates are small and the prices are good, allowing you to try a good portion of the menu between two diners.

Because of the permanent-pop up nature of the new restaurant, the wine list, curated by our own Klaire McCallum, is ever rotating (zero storage means the list is essentially what they can carry out at the end of the night). With some of the best prices in the city on bottles of wine, a $10 “we’re pouring what's open” glass pour concept, and a “Off the List” menu that changes almost daily, it leaves Klaire with a fun opportunity to bring in new wines each week.

Klaire’s favourite pairing of the moment is the Trabanco Sidra, poured both by 5oz glass and 750ml bottle, and the Tamago. These soy marinated eggs topped with scallions and black sesame have perfectly jammy, instagram worthy yolks and are chock full of enticing umami flavours. This Spanish cider may seem an unlikely choice, but the bright, zippy apple flavours clean up the palate, readying you for another bite. Sidras tend to have crisp acidity and a slight funk, combining pure refreshment with an earthy rustic charm which is perfect for simply, yet perfectly executed fair like Nights & Weekends’ Tamago.