Valentine's Day Must Have: Heavy Petting

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No, we are not being lewd. We are simply suggesting that this might be the perfect wine for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Heavy Petting is a lively Pet-Nat chock full of juicy blackberry, raspberry twizzler, currant, and black plum. Fizzy, deep purple, and totally thirst quenching, this is the perfect bottle of bubbles to share with your honey. Composed of 99% Nero d’Avola and 1% Zibbibo, this dark magenta wine is shockingly vibrant and fresh.

Tim Wildman, British Master of Wine, makes fun, fizzy wines in Riverland, Australia amongst other wine related pursuits: he organizes tours highlighting Australian producers for wine professionals and is the creator of, an educational resource for students of the Master of Wine program. Essentially, Wildman has dipped a toe in every segment of the wine industry and has succeeded at doing so. His wines are fun! As a Master of Wine who went on to make wine, one might expect his wines to be stuffy or pretentious; not so! His wines are clean, fresh styles of Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel) that are produced in the most sustainable of fashions and then left unfined and unfiltered. Bottoms up!