The Volstead Project: it's back and better than ever

Volstead Project Manhattan -  $63.50

Volstead Project Manhattan - $63.50

Seasons are changing and the weather is turning which means it is the perfect time for our next batch of The Volstead Project to arrive. This batch has been bottled, shipped, and will be hitting shelves within the next week! 

For those unfamiliar, this is a project we started several years ago in conjunction with Highwood Distillers in High River. For a long time, here in Alberta legislation prohibited bartenders from barrel aging cocktails, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and create the Volstead Project. While Alberta’s legislation has eased up on bartenders, we still want to drink a perfectly blended barrel-aged Manhattan in the comfort of our own homes (couch + sweatpants + top notch cocktail = the epitome of happiness in our books). 

This batch follows the classic recipe of two parts whisky (in this case a 5 year old whisky from Highwood), 1 part sweet vermouth, and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Working with our friends at Highwood, we mix all of the ingredients in a used rye barrel and let the cocktail age. In the past we’ve aged the Manhattan for 6 months, but this year we thought we ought to up the ante; this batch spent a whole year in barrel!

This is a ready to drink Manhattan cocktail - just stir it over ice and strain into a coupe or if you feel like keeping it simple just throw it on the rocks. Add a little orange zest and boozy cherries, and you're good to go.

Over the years, The Volstead Project has gained a pretty large following and our last release sold out in just 3 weeks. To secure your bottle (or bottles) give us a shout at either 403-454-1106 or 403-290-0700.