5 Wines to 'Fall' For


With the falling temperatures you might be finding yourself bidding farewell to your summer fling with rosé and light and crisp whites, finding yourself craving something with a little more texture and warmth.  Here at your friendly neighborhood wine shop we have plenty of eligible wines for you to settle down with as we move into the colder months. Here are some of our top picks for the upcoming season.


Mongarda Col Fondo Prosecco - $30 (all-in)

Most of us, if not all, have had our fair share of Prosecco - a light, crisp, easy-going sparkling wine with a vivacious personality. Like any wine, Prosecco has its moments where it's the perfect companion, but as we prepare for the inevitable hibernation period you are probably looking for something that is better suited to cozy up with on the couch. Look no further than a "Col Fondo" to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy this Autumn. Italian for “with the bottom”, Col Fondo is a prosecco that sees a secondary fermentation in the bottle and is left with its sediment.  Filled with orchard fruit notes and a luxuriously moussey bubble, Mongarda’s biodynamic Col Fondo is cloudy, funky and floral.  The perfect bottle for making a chilly night in a little more special.


La Petite Lune Bordeaux Blanc - $30

While you likely enjoyed a few glasses crisp, fruity New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs or maybe even a mineral, zesty Sancerre this summer, it's time for all of you Sauvignon Blanc lovers to turn your attention elsewhere - Bordeaux Blanc. Generally comprised of varying combinations of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle, Bordeaux whites can range from light and fresh to rich and creamy. La Petite Lune’s Bordeaux Blanc falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. In order to balance out the acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon is added to the blend in order to add more body and an oily character. Still lively and tropical, it is balanced by softer notes of stone fruit and is the perfect wine for perfect, warm fall night. 


Cooper Hill Pinot Noir - $36.50

Light reds have a place in our glass all year round. Just because they aren’t big, juicy and bold doesn’t mean that they can’t rise up to the occasion on a cold night. Cooper Hill’s Pinot Noir is from one of the pioneering Willamette Valley wineries, Cooper Mountain. Here they use biodynamic practices on their 100% estate grown and produced Pinot Noir beautifully crafting a wine that is both elegant and powerful. Oregon Pinot Noir is more rustic and down to earth than their Californian counterparts a little further south. Bright red cherry accompanied by dark berry and spice fill the glass leaving you with a well balanced red that makes the perfect accompaniment to a maple glazed cedar plank salmon.


Fabien Jouves You F#&$ My Wine? - $32.50

If you assumed by the label alone that this wine is making a bold statement you assumed correctly. “You F#&$ My Wine?” is a blend of Malbec (Cot) and Jurançon Noir from Cahors in Southwest France. Here in Cahors, Cot rules all. Jurancon Noir, however, has experienced a dissimilar level of fanfare and attention. “You F#&$ My Wine?” is a poke at the French AOC laws’ refusal to include the lesser known but equally loved Jurançon Noir in Cahor Wines.

Unlike Cot’s brother, Argentinian Malbec, this wine is significantly less fruit forward and rich. At 12.5% alcohol “You F#&$ My Wine?” is a more subdued and elegant example of what this grape is capable of. The addition of Jurançon Noir lends its jovial, easy-drinking character to make this a delightfully refreshing representation of Cahors. Jouves’ commitment to biodynamic practices ensures that this wine is a terroir-driven example of what this region has to offer. This cuvee is an earthy red filled with notes of fresh black plums and the fragrant artemisia plant. Bright, persistent acidity and silky tannins epitomize the regality of Cot in Cahors.


Le Piane "Mimmo" - $46

This Italian gem comes from the vines of the commune of Boca, Piedmont’s hidden treasure. In 1988, a man named Christoph Kunzli, along with a friend became captivated by the region and its wines after meeting one of the last of Boca’s winemakers, 80 year old Antonio Cerri.  Kunzli quickly asked to purchase the winery from Cerri, and now as winemaker at Le Piane, aims to carry on Antonio’s legacy and to keep the magic of Boca alive.

"Mimmo" is a blend of Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Vespolina planted on the Volcanic soils of Boca’s south facing vineyards. These vines are planted in the Maggiorina system that is unique to this area and trained upward forming a crown. "Mimmo" is a charming and elegant red with the classic red berry, floral, and earthy notes classic to the wines of Piedmont. This beautifully structured wine has excellent potential for ageing, but is also the perfect accompaniment to a warm fall dinner.