Cocktail Club - May 2018

Traditional Bitters - Christopher Cho-Limonade-3700.jpg

By Christopher Cho for Traditional Bitters

We are keeping the spring theme alive with this delicious Pisco based cocktail supplied to us by our friend Christopher Cho! Chris is a partner in several of Saskatchewan’s top food and drink spots including Ayden Kitchen, Sticks & Stones, Little Grouse and forthcoming Avenue restaurant. Chris is also the brains behind Traditional Bitters, a great line of cocktail bitters produced out of Saskatoon.

The Limonade also features 2 YYC collaborations as we’ve teamed up with our friend Nicole Fewell from Porter’s Tonic Syrup who has made an amazing Earl Grey Tea Syrup using organic ingredients, and we’ve sourced some freshly ground cardamom from our friends at Silk Road to lightly dust over your drink! As a bonus we’ve also thrown in a fine mesh strainer so you can get that extra silky texture (it’s handy around the kitchen as well).

As a side note Chris also noted that the Limonade could be made in a larger batch in a pitcher or punch bowl if you’re having a party this spring! If you find this a little too citrusy you could also pull back the lemon to .75 oz, or bump up the simple syrup a touch – play with it and find the right balance for you!

Watch the video of Chris demonstrating the drink below.

Enjoy! And as always please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.


The Vine Arts Team

*For a bonus recipe, if you have leftover Dillon’s No. 22 gin from the last club pack, you can combine 2 oz gin, .75 oz Porter’s Earl Grey Syrup and .75 oz lemon juice to make an Earl Grey Gin Sour. Combine those ingrediets and an egg white in a shaker with ice. Shake, strain out the ice, and shake again vigorously without ice to build up a nice foam. Strain into a coupe glass and enjoy!