SOMM-thing to Sip On


In this feature, we let a local sommelier or wine director pick a favourite pairing off their list and tell us why it's awesome. This month our very own Jesse Willis will kick things off!

My pairing pick for Donna Mac is the Brisket Eggs Benny paired with BK Wines Petillant Naturel.

Like many Calgarians, I love a good weekend brunch and Donna Mac has an excellent offering every Saturday and Sunday.

One of my favourite dishes on the brunch  menu is the Brisket Eggs Benny. This is a unique take on the classic eggs benedict, and features Yorkshire pudding cups instead of the classic English muffin. The cups are filled with rich shredded brisket combined with peas and sautéed pearl onions, drizzled with a rich hollandaise sauce. A simple side salad adds a touch of freshness to an otherwise decadent dish.  

I chose the BK Petillant Naturel as the pairing and it worked perfectly! This is a unique style of sparkling wine made to mimic the “ancestral method” of sparkling wine that would have pre-dated the Champagne method. It has soft bubbles, refreshing acidity and bright flavours of apple and pear. The vibrant bubbles help to cleanse the palate between bites, and the creamy texture plays perfectly with the hollandaise and rich brisket. This is a limited release, and Donna Mac is one of the only  places in Alberta able to pour it by the glass. It is $12 per glass, and will be available for a limited time! Make sure to get down and try this classic pairing before it’s gone. You can find the food menu and more details at