It's Fall, Motherf***er!

Robyn Bursey

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...Excuse my language.  Anyone familiar with comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s comedy special “Freezing Hot” will surely understand the reference.  You see, as she so aptly puts it, “girls love fall.” When we applied to be girls, we walked up to the girl counter, and when asked “What’s your favourite season?” We emphatically replied, “It’s fall, motherf*cker!”

While this is a great joke that certainly hits the mark, here at Vine Arts, we believe the love of the autumnal season is shared by any and all humans - female identifying or not.  So with that spirit of inclusion and festivity in mind, here is our list of beloved boozy beverages to get you in that lovin’ feeling for fall; all sized for sharing, of course.

Rogue Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Ale - 750mL bottle - $16.50

Let’s just get this one out of the way right off the bat. Fall is known for the departing of multi-coloured vegetation, but also the arrival of a multitude of pumpkin flavoured, scented, and coloured things. The world of beer is no exception. Thankfully, Rogue’s addition of baking spices and vanilla is subtle but noticeable, while the beer itself is fresh, nicely balanced and overall pleasantly pumpkin-y. Pumpkin everything!!!

Dandy Brewing Baltus Van Tassel Cherry Sour - 650mL bottle - $10.50

This Fall seasonal release from home-grown Calgary brewers, The Dandy Brewing Company, showcases the last vestiges of late-summer’s orchard-fruit offerings in a tart and refreshing cherry sour.  It also happens to be named after the incredibly jolly and slightly rotund farmer in Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Aptly named for a Halloween-timed beer that also brings joy to all those who consume it. It’ll blow your mind! (Just make sure you hang onto your head).

The Bruery Or Xata - 750mL bottle - $19

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves… warm, spicy, nostalgia-inducing scents that bring up memories of Thanksgiving dinners with loved ones and the first chilly nights by the fire.  The Bruery’s Or Xata may not have been designed with fall in mind, but it sure does fit the bill. Brewed with rice, cinnamon, vanilla and lactose, it is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty slice of pumpkin pie.  Or apple pie. Or saskatoon pie. Got something in a pie shell? You’re golden.

Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre de Fouesnant -  750mL bottle - $18.50

Traditional French cidery Manoir du Kinkiz is pressing and fermenting this year’s crop as we speak.  From late September through December, the harvest of apples - a hand-picked collection of old varieties - is pressed at full ripeness and fermented slowly to encourage a lovely, fine bubble structure.  It’s flavours of intense, almost bruised apple, freshly churned butter and warm hazelnut make for a beautiful, complex sipping cidre.