New Wines From BK

Klaire McCallum

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They’re back! The (Aussie) spring release of one of our favourite, exclusive producers is back in stock and we’re ever so excited about it. Brendon and Kirstyn Keys established their Adelaide Hills winery in 2007 after learning from winemaking masters around the globe. With the idea of wine making as an artistic expression in mind, BK Wines focuses on making subtly nuanced wines from the best quality fruit, with a minimalistic approach in the cellar. Fruit is sourced from tiny vineyards that express the unique characteristic inherent to those particular plots of vines and where Brendon can have great control over how the grapes are grown. BK’s wines are the perfect alignment of minimal intervention & maximum quality; they are natural & balanced!

BK Wines 2018 Petillant Naturel Chardonnay - $30.00

BK Wines’ Petillant Naturel is 100% Chardonnay; Pet-Nat’s answer to Champagne’s Blanc de Blanc. It is slightly rustic and yeasty, joyfully juicy and aromatic, and definitely very fizzy. BK Pet-Nat is balanced with bright, appley tartness and creamy, leesy mouthfeel. Though juicy, this wine drinks very dry. Flavours of fresh pressed apple juice and lemon zest tell you just how lively this wine is. Brendon uses 100% whole bunches of Basket Range Chardonnay, which is then fermented in a concrete “egg” to near dryness before being transferred to bottle to finish the job. This Pet-Nat is the perfect wine for breakfast, lunch, or an aperitif. People seriously go crazy for this wine, so get your hands on a bottle while you can. It’s worth the hype.

{ Pet-Nat: this style of wine is everywhere right now. Every self-respecting natural producer makes one. It is a fun way to drink fizz without the fuss. But what is Pet-Nat? Petillant Naturel, a.k.a sparkling wine made in the Ancestral Method, predates the Champenoise Method.

Pet-Nat is bottled prior to the full completion of the first fermentation. As the fermentation continues in the bottle, CO2, which is a byproduct of fermentation, is trapped in the wine, making it fizzy! Pet-Nat is often left unfiltered, but certainly can be racked off the sediment-it is a stylistic choice }

BK Wines 2018 Pinot Grigio - $30.00

This sure ain’t your mama’s basic Pinot Grigio. Take a good Pinot Grigio and heighten...well, everything. Brendon’s amped up aromatics, texture, and complexity take this often simplified grape varietal, and make it something seriously special. Wild yeasts, whole bunches, stainless steel fermentation, and long lees contact combine to make a white wine that is creamy, yet crisp. Think of flavours like ripe yellow apple, white peach, custardy cream, browned butter, sunshine, and happiness. Dry, but soft, this is a great wine to share with the whole gamut of white wine drinkers. It is tasty and appealing, without ever being anything near boring.

BK Wines 2018 Rosé - $28.50

BK Wines Rosé is 100% Pinot Noir saigneé made in old French Oak with 5 months spent on the lees. It is the palest hue of rosé, a watercolour-like peach, rather than pink, which gives you a hint at the charming subtly of the wine trapped in the bottle. BK Wines Rosé is an elegant expression of this classy style of wine. Chock full of subtle spices and herbs like white pepper and lavender, this ode to Provence is apt in its expression of Pinot Noir’s potential for greatness regardless of style of wine. While white strawberry, ripe peach, and watermelon flavours linger, this version of rosé is markedly savoury, making it a wonderful pairing for fresh food from salad to poultry.

{ Saigneé is a way to produce rosé that involves “bleeding” off a portion pink juice early in the making of red wine and fermenting it separately. The other, more common way, of making rosé is to allow red grapes to have very short contact with their skins before discarding the skins and continuing with fermentation. Considered a byproduct of red wine production, as it aids in the concentration of red wines, the saigneé method is sometimes overlooked, but can in fact make savoury, serious, elegant wines }

BK Wines 2018 Carbonic Pinot Noir - $31.00

Usually when you think Carbonic Maceration you think of Gamay from Beaujolais. In this instance BK Wines is using Pinot Noir as the vessel for this unique style of fermentation. Brendon plops whole bunches of Pinot Noir in sealed stainless steel vats for one month, and leave the berries to work their intercellular magic. When produced by Carbonic Maceration, wines tend to be pale in colour, light bodied, intensely fruity, and sometimes smell like banana or bubblegum. BK Wines Carbonic Pinot Noir portrays itself in these ways, while still maintaining essential Pinot Noir traits; the rustic quality of Pinot Noir shines through. The combination of brilliantly vibrant brambly fruit and complex, mossy depth makes for a vigorously fresh drinking experience. BK Wines Carbonic Pinot Noir tastes of forest floor and mushrooms, as well as candied fruit and sour cherry all in one go. With a slight chill, this wine is especially tasty.

{ Carbonic Maceration is a complicated process, but at the basic-level it can be described as a style of fermentation that occurs when unbroken berries are sealed in a carbon dioxide filled vat. The fermentation, rather than as a result of yeast eating the grape’s sugar, starts within the walls of the grape berry itself. The grapes, when starved of oxygen, release enzymes that perform a similar function to that of yeast. After some time, or when about 2% ABV is reached, the grapes will split and the juice will stop fermenting. Usually winemakers will press the juice at this point and will continue fermentation the regular way. Carbonic Maceration makes a style of wine that is distinctively fresh and juicy, begging to be enjoy while youthful and vibrant }