Rare & Collectible – Compass Box “No Name” Blended Malt Scotch Whisky - $136 + tax

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Compass Box founder John Glaser has become known as something of a rebel in his field.  Focusing on what he calls boutique blends, John refuses to conform to the norms in the sometimes stodgy world of Scotch whisky and defies the suggestion that single malts are automatically superior to blended whiskies. Compass Box sees blending as an art form, and John and his team work tirelessly to create unique and interesting blends from barrels sourced from some of Scotland’s top distilleries.

The “No Name” is a part of the Compass Box limited edition series, and is the peatiest whisky they have ever created (even peatier than their famed “Peat Monster” bottling!). The majority of this powerful dram comes from the Ardbeg distillery, with whiskies from the Caol Ila, Clynelish, and small proportion of blended Highland whisky to round things out.

The No Name is a beast, showcasing aromas of ash, campfire, iodine, seaweed, damp earth and saltwater taffey. The palate is bold and textured, with notes of caramel apple and poached pears mingling with the aforementioned peat/smoke notes. This is a beautiful blend that is sure to please even the most hardcore peat-head.  I guess a whisky this good doesn’t need a name…it speaks for itself!