Gold Growlers


Our growler bars feature a constantly rotating selection of craft beer hand selected by our in-house beer geeks! We place a special focus on supporting local Alberta breweries and work to ensure we keep a broad range of styles on tap, from sours to stouts, pilsners to IPAs and beyond. Our custom built system is specifically designed for growler fills, and helps to ensure quality and proper carbonation. If you have a growler at home, feel free to bring it in (as long as it's clean!) and if you need one we have 32 oz and 64 oz growlers in stock. Here's what we have on tap at the moment:

Victoria Park:

 (Price per fill 32oz/64oz) -

Dandy Brewing The Julia - Calgary, AB $8.00/$15.00

Banded Peak Brewing Southern Aspect IPA - Calgary, AB $9.50/$18.00

Carlsberg Grimbergen Double Ambree - Belgium $11.50/$22.00

Jasper Brewing Crisp Pils - Jasper, AB $8.00/$15.00

Blindman Brewing Triphammer Robust Porter - Lacombe, AB $10.00/$18.50

Wood Buffalo Brewing Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale - Fort McMurray, AB $9.50/$18.00

17th Avenue:

Dandy Brewing “All the Young Dudes” Dry Hopped Sour - Calgary, AB $9.50/$18.00

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing x Shokunin Okami Kasu - Calgary, AB $8.50/$16.00

Annex Ale Project “Metes & Bounds” XPA - Calgary, AB $8.50/$16.00

Last Best “Wedding Mischief” Maibock - Calgary, AB $7.50/$14.00

Trolley 5 Hey Porter- Calgary, AB $7.50/$14.00